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We want to thank our various green supporters for their products and professional expertise.

We consider their products some of the best in the industry whose benefits improve the health, and quality of people’s lives and are also sustainable and good for the earth and our environment. They support our belief in creating healthy homes that will last.

Solar Thermal Hot Water System:
Heat Transfer Products, Inc.
Product: Phoenix Solar Heater 130 – 80’s, 130,000 BTU, 80 gallon blk type italic
The Phoenix Solar is truly a revolutionary product. Designed with an internal solar heat exchanger for a solar panel that combines with a highly efficient 97% Gas Fired Back-up heat exchanger all in one storage tank. The Phoenix Solar will transfer all the energy the sun can provide and also provide lots of hot water through the internal gas fired back-up when the sun is not shining. Designed with the most advanced technology available, with a 97% efficiency, these products optimize efficiency and operating reliability.

Radiant Heat System:
- PEX Oxigan Barrier Tubing
- Thermal Boards
- Zone Manifolds: 'ZURQHPM' manifold/header with flow meters
- Zurn Plumbing system and Radiant Heat
Zurn PEX Radiant Heat Systems are growing in popularity in the United States and around the world—and with good reason. Radiant heat is different than conventional heating systems—it’s comfortable, clean and quiet. Radiant heating is the clear choice for customers demanding the most comfortable, efficient heating system on the market today. Radiant heating requires very little maintenance, is easily zoned and has proven itself time and time again as a viable alternative to forced-air heating systems. Radiant heating brings the warmth down to earth, where it is most effective.

Radiant Heating/Plumbing Supplier:
JTG Muir
JTG/Muir is a manufacturer's representative for quality hydronic and hot water heating equipment, serving both California and Nevada.

Air Purifier Cleaning System:
Nutech Brands Inc.
Product: Lifebreath TFP3000Hepa Air Cleaner
Our Indoor air quality products improve the air in your home accompanied with energy efficiency. The tighter the home the more ventilation required for the occupants. The efficiency is achieved by stripping the heat out of the stale outgoing airstream and using it to warm up the incoming fresh air.

Counter Surfaces:
Caesar Stone
Product: Caesar Stone: Blizzard
CaesarStone understands how manufacturing processes can potentially harm the environment. CaesarStone is the first quartz surfacing company to receive the ISO 14001 global standard emblem. From investing in recycling technologies in our manufacturing plants to embracing environmentally sensitive suppliers, CaesarStone has made a lifelong commitment to protecting the environment.

Stone Counter Installer:
Stone Etc.
We promote all green products. We recycle the water used in our fabrication process All our sales crews drive hybrid vehicles. We recycle all the stone leftover and repurpose these materials. Please check us out at

Stone Tiles:
Granite Fiandre
Product: Pietra Di Bedonia
Our materials are safe for our environment as well as to our health.  They are made with natural minerals from the earth and the process to produce these material use heat and water.  There are no chemicals, no off gassing or harmful VOC's.  Our production process uses post-industrial recycled raw materials.  Our Italian production facility operates under the strict guidelines of ISO 9001 product quality and ISO 14001 environmental production processes.  We are a national member of the USGBC (United States Green Building Council).

Purcell Murray Company Inc.
The Premier Resource for the World’s Finest Kitchen Appliances
Proudly distributing Bosch, Thermador and Gaggenau

Bosch Dishwasher
Bosch dishwashers are some of the most energy efficient dishwashers on the market thanks to their advanced ECOSENSE feature that measures soil level and adjusts cycle time and wash temperature accordingly. Their unique condensation dry method uses the heat in the interior cavity to dry dishes eliminating the need for an energy-wasting active drying element.

Gaggenau Induction Cooktop
Rather than using a heating element on the surface of the cooktop, Gaggenau’s induction technology uses electromagnetic waves to turn the bottom of a pan into the heating element. No unneeded heat escapes to the sides of the cooking vessel making the kitchen cooler, more energy efficient and safe. Efficient heat retention allows for quick reaction time when bringing liquids to a boil or dropping to a simmer and drastically reduces cook time.

Thermador Freedom Refrigeration
Thermador’s ingenious individual refrigeration and freezer columns boast Energy Star rated compressors that control the temperature and humidity of each individual unit separately. Their unique flow-through air system allows food stored on the door to keep just as cool as food stored on the shelves. Additionally, these powerful yet efficient compressors are some of the quietest refrigeration units on the market at 39-40 decibels.

Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer
SCIC -  Cucine d'Italia
Product: System 30
SCIC has always been synonymous with environmental kitchens. Our kitchens are ISO 9001 and have the following characteristics
• Minimal Level of Emission of Formaldehyde, according to European Regulations.
• All Wood Materials used to build SCIC cabinets come from Controlled Forests.
• No use of Toxic Materials.
• None of the Raw Materials, or semi-finished materials are shipped to SCIC by Air

We are one of the industry leaders for implementing environmentally friendly practices and certifications in our manufacturing plant in Italy. We are ISO 14001 approved, which means all our production processes and subcontractors have passed an evaluation for environmentally safe practices. Virtually all materials we use are recycled or derived from sustainable harvested wood. We are Class E1 emissions certified.

Paint: Zero VOC Paints
Dunn Edwards
• Ecoshiled Primer: Low-Odor/Zero VOC Interior Latex Primer
• Acoustikote: Latex Flat Ceiling Paint
• Ecoshiled Flat: Low Odor/Zero-VOC Interior Latex Flat Paint
• Ecoshield Semi-Gloss, Low-Odor/Zero-VOC Interior Acrylic
Dunn-Edwards is committed to the concept of being green. Our mission to provide the best performing paint and related supplies includes preserving the environment, conserving energy and resources, reducing waste and protecting human health and safety. In the early 1950s, we discontinued our last remaining lead-based paint product more than 25 years before federal regulation banned most uses of such products. In the 1970s, we reformulated all our water-based paints to eliminate the use of biocides containing mercury — long before the U.S. EPA imposed limited bans in 1990. In the early 1980s, we replaced ethylene glycol (a toxic solvent) with safer, non-toxic, FDA-approved propylene glycol. Our products range from Green Seal, LEED certified to Recycled paint products.

Whole House Vacuum System
Linear LLC
Product: Platinum and Red Series Central Vacuums
 Improved indoor air quality, quieter operation and compliance with “Green” building initiatives are a few of the reasons why homeowners are choosing Central Vacuum systems. Even the best upright and canister vacuum designs re-circulate exhaust air back into the area that’s being cleaned.  They employ different schemes to filter that exhaust air, but the Central Vacuum unit, (including the noise from the motor and exhaust air) are all kept out of the living area. 
As a result, they provide for better indoor air quality, as acknowledged by the American Lung Association, and are an important part of Green building programs.

Intercom and Door Security
Product: JF Series Enhanced Video System
We in the AIPHONE Group understand, as a communication systems manufacturer, the importance of providing environmentally sound products. We continually evaluate our business practices and efforts:
• We aim to become a recycling society and make efforts to promote the 3R's (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) and minimize waste.
• We will not use harmful substances that cause environmental contaminan.
• We will strive to conserve energy to prevent global warming.

The JF Series is a high performance, hands-free video intercom system with a superior monitor and an amazingly slim design. It is easy to operate and requires little time to install. The JF Series is the simple and effective solution to any home or businesse’s security needs.

Steam Bath System
Steam Mist
Product: System 24- Dual System Steam Bath System
Steamist has a rich 50 year history, of which 40 years have been focused on residential steam baths. Underlying the history is a principle that hyperthermic therapy induced. Steamist adds value to both your home and your well-being and improves your quality of life, helping you sleep better and work better. The Steamist Dual Steam Bath System is very easy to install. One steam bath steam generator acts as the brain and the second steam generator is connected to the first via the same cable as is used to connect the control to the steam bath steam generator. This allows the system to be activated and thermostatically maintained by a single control package (DSP or TC).



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